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Customize Firefox - Reviewed Extensions, Add-ons, and Settings for Firefox

When I install the Mozilla Firefox web browser, I like to install some additions and tweak some settings. This list was last updated when I upgraded to Firefox 2.0.

Firefox Extensions

Firefox Themes

Firefox Preferences

Some of these can be set from the preferences dialog. I prefer to use about:config to set these easily.
accessibility.typeaheadfindtrueEnable "find as you type" go to the temporary directory the download manager when the download is done. list of downloads when firefox exits. where downloads get put. external in a tab that would open in new windows open in tabs instead.
browser.startup.homepageabout:blankSet a blank page when you open the browser.
browser.tabs.closeButtons3Show a single close button to the right of the tabs rather than a close button on each tab. YOu can always middle click on an individual tab to close it.
browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClosefalseSelect tab to the right of the current tab when closing a tab.
browser.tabs.tabMinWidth25Let tabs be pretty small.
browser.tabs.warnOnClosefalseDon't warn when closing multiple tabs at once.
editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines2Replace new lines with spaces when pasting into single line text boxes
font.default.x-westernsans-serifNo serifs on most web fonts please. Vera Sans MonoUse open source fonts. Vera SansUse open source fonts. Vera SerifUse open source fonts.
font.size.variable.x-western12Consistent 12 point font size for all fonts by default.
keyword.URL words into the address bar should search Google.
middlemouse.contentLoadURLfalseWho really wants a URL on middle click? It usually means that I'm trying to paste and I missed the text box.
network.cookie.lifetimePolicy2Expire all cookies not in whitelist at end of session.

Firefox Files

I copy three files around between my profile directories. I keep these in sync between my home computer and my work computer. I also copy these over when I upgrade my browser: