Creating Levels

Ladder comes with a level editor and you can create new levels (instructions).


Ladder creates a user configuration file called
<UserHome>/.java/Ladder/LadderUser.ini. <UserHome> is your home directory, often c:\Windows on Win9x systems, and c:\Documents and Settings\<UserName> on other Windows computers. You can hack Ladder by adding content to this file. Values that are in this file override the values in the default configuration file.

Add your levels to the game play and menus

Levels are taken from values that look like
Level<#>=<File Name>
If you want to add a level, add the line:
Level15=C:\My Documents\NewLevel.lvl
Level15Name=My New Level
Capitalization matters here.
If you modified Easy Street and want to use your version, add the line:
Level1=C:\My Documents\MyEasyStreet.lvl
If you want to replace all the levels with your own, make the file name of the last one blank:
Level1=C:\My Documents\MyFirst.lvl
Level1Name=My First Level
Level2=C:\My Documents\MySecond.lvl
Level2Name=My Second Level
Level3=C:\My Documents\MyThird.lvl
Level3Name=My Third Level