openmoz is a command line wrapper for the Mozilla web browser. Given a file name, a URL, an email address, or a keyword, openmoz will display it with Mozilla. Openmoz has options for opening new windows and tabs.



openmoz 1.1.0 - For opening the Mozilla web browser.

openfb 1.1.0 - For opening the Mozilla Firebird web browser.


  1. Extract the contents of the download.
  2. Copy the file "openmoz" (or "openfb") to /usr/local/bin


openmoz [options] <file, URL, email, or keyword>
Opens the Mozilla web browser, or if the browser is already
open, it attaches to the existing process with a command.
  -w --new-window open each item in a new Mozilla window.
  -t --new-tab    open each item in a new Mozilla tab. (Default)
  -x --existing   when opening item, replace content of existing Mozilla window.
  --startnew      start new process rather than attaching to existing.
  --attach        attach to existing process rather than starting new. (Default)
  --inbox         open mail/newsgroups.
  --mailto        compose a new mail message.
  --splash        use a splash screen on new instance. (Default)
  --nosplash      never use a splash screen.
  --version       display openmoz version information.
  --about         display openmoz license and contact info.
  -h --help       display this message.
ex (blank page):       openmoz
ex (local file):       openmoz index.html
ex (global file):      openmoz /var/www/html/index.html
ex (URL):              openmoz
ex (URL w/o protocol): openmoz
ex (URL w/o protocol): openmoz
ex (email address):    openmoz
ex (multiple urls):    openmoz
ex (keyword):          openmoz mozilla



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