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Syntax Highlighting HTML

The com.Ostermiller.Syntax package comes with a program to turn source code into colored web pages. The program is a command line Java program.

To run, use the command line:
java -classpath syntax.jar com.Ostermiller.Syntax.ToHTML --help

ToHTML [-mlTitsofr] <files>
Converts source files to syntax colored HTML.
If no files are specified standard input will be used.
 --help               Print this help message.
 --version            Print out the version number.
 --about              Print out license and contact info.
 -m --mime <type>     Input is the given mime type. text/html, text/x-java...
 -l --lexer <class>   Java class name of the lexer to use.
 -T --title <title>   Use the given title in the html page.
 -i --ignore <class>  CSS class name of token to ignore, eg. "whitespace"
 -t --template <URL>  BTE template to use.  see:
 -s --css <URL>       Cascading Style Sheet to which html should be linked.
 -o --output <file>   Output file, output directory, or -- for standard output.
 -f --force           Overwrite files without prompting.
 -r --trans <old=new> translate a CSS style into another style.

The resulting html documents will generally be much smaller if the -i whitespace option is used. This is acceptable as long as syles used do not effect whitespace. An example of a style that would effect whitespace would be background color. Also consider translating styles into styles with shorter names and editng the style sheet. For example you might want to use -r keyword=k.

BTE template files are used to customize the output. The BTE system is a separate download. It must just be placed in the classpath or placed in the Java extensions directory. The -t option can then be used to specify a desired template such as the default template. Using templates you can easily customize the look and feel of the generated html and add your own content.