TulipChain Instructions

Hints for novices - What to do with these results

Editors who don't come from a technological background are advised to proceed as follows:

  1. Lime Green - The URL will work just fine as is. The URL could use a / on the end, but the problem is so minor, that it usually isn't worth the time to fix.
  2. Yellow - Check that the suggested replacement URL works in your browser and then make the change.
  3. Orange - Connection errors are often only temporary. Remove these sites only if you check them multiple times over the course of several days and they are always down. Robozilla will check sites multiple times before marking them red so it is usually appropriate to leave them until Robozilla catches them.
  4. Red - Do not leave this site in the public directory. Find a replacement for it, move it to unreviewed, ask another editor for help, move it to Test/Robozilla/Reds, or delete it if it isn't very important.