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TI82 and TI83 Character Reference

Some of the symbols found on your calculator are not easy to represent on the computer so they are translated into regular characters when viewed in text mode. This table tries to describe those changes.

Keyword TI-82 Text TI-83 Text Symbol TI-82 Key Sequence
-> store \->\ \->\ sto
pi \pi\ \pi\ π 2nd π
>= greater than or = to \>=\ \>=\ 2nd TEST 4
<= less than or = to \<=\ \<=\ 2nd TEST 6
not equal to \<>\ \!=\ 2nd TEST 2
square root \sqrt\ \root\ 2nd √
cube root \CubeRt\ \^3\\root\ ³√ MATH 4
10^ (representation is for 10 only) \10^\ \10\^ 10^ 2nd 10x
(-) negation \(-)\ \(-)\ - (-)
x Root y \XrootY\ \^x\\root\ x MATH 5
sequence variable n \n\ \n\ n VARS 5 1 or 2nd n
matrix transpose \T\ \T\ T MATRIX 2
squared \^2\ \^2\ ² x²
cubed \^3\ \^3\ ³ MATH 3
inverse \^-1\ \^-1\ -1 x-1
r radian \rad\ \r\ r 2nd ANGLE 3
o degree \deg\ \o\ ° 2nd ANGLE 1
sinh^-1 \sinh^-1\ \sinh^-1\ sinh-1 MATH 4
sin^-1 \sin^-1\ \sin^-1\ sin-1 2nd sin-1
cosh^-1 \cosh^-1\ \cosh^-1\ cosh-1 MATH 5
cos^-1 \cos^-1\ \cos^-1\ cos-1 2nd cos-1
tanh^-1 \tanh^-1\ \tanh^-1\ tanh-1 MATH 6
tan^-1 \tan^-1\ \tan^-1\ tan-1 2nd tan-1
to Frac display conversion \>Frac\ \>\Frac Frac MATH 1
to DMS display conversion \>DMS\ \>\DMS DMS 2nd ANGLE 4
to Dec display conversion \>Dec\ \>\Dec Dec MATH 2
E exponent notation \E\ \EE\ E 2nd EE
zthetamax \Z-@max\ Z\theta\max ZΘmax VARS 2 5
zthetamin \Z-@min\ Z\theta\min ZΘmin VARS 2 4
zthetastep \Z-@step\ Z\theta\step ZΘstep VARS 2 6
delta X (uppercase) \Delta-x\ \Delta\X ΔX VARS 1 7
delta Y (uppercase) \Delta-y\ \Delta\Y ΔY VARS 1 8
thetamax \@max\ \theta\max Θmax VARS 1 5
thetamin \@min\ \theta\min Θmin VARS 1 4
thetastep \@step\ \theta\step Θstep VARS 1 6
Sigma x \Sigma-x\ \Sigma\x Σx VARS 5 1
Sigma x^2 \Sigma-x^2\ \Sigma\x\^2\ Σx² VARS 5 2
Sigma xy \Sigma-xy\ \Sigma\xy Σxy VARS 5 5
Sigma y \Sigma-y\ \Sigma\y Σy VARS 5 3
Sigma y^2 \Sigma-y^2\ \Sigma\y\^2\ Σy² VARS 5 4
standard deviation (pop) x \sx\ \sigma\x σx VARS 5 4
standard deviation (pop) y \sy\ \sigma\y σy VARS 5 7
x bar (mean) \x-bar\ \xbar\ VARS 5 2
y bar (mean) \y-bar\ \ybar\ VARS 5 5
sequence function \Un\ \Un\ Un 2nd Y-VARS 4 1
sequence function \Vn\ \Vn\ Vn 2nd Y-VARS 4 2
sequence variable \UnStart\ \UnStart\ UnStart VARS 1 1
sequence variable \VnStart\ \VnStart\ VnStart VARS 1 2
sequence variable \nStart\ \nStart\ nStart VARS 1 3
sequence variable \nMin\ \nMin\ nMin VARS 1 4
sequence variable \nMax\ \nMax\ nMax VARS 1 5
sequence variable \Un-1\ \Un-1\ Un-1 2nd Un-1
sequence variable \Vn-1\ \Vn-1\ Vn-1 2nd Vn-1
zoom memory sequence variable \ZUnStart\ \ZUnStart\ ZUnStart VARS 2 1
zoom memory sequence variable \ZVnStart\ \ZVnStart\ ZVnStart VARS 2 2
zoom memory sequence variable \ZnStart\ \ZnStart\ ZnStart VARS 2 3
zoom memory sequence variable \ZnMin\ \ZnMin\ ZnMin VARS 2 4
zoom memory sequence variable \ZnMax\ \ZnMax\ ZnMax VARS 2 5
table variable \Delta-Tbl\ \Delta\Tbl ΔTbl VARS 6 2
X1 parametric function \X1t\ X\1\\t\ X1T 2nd Y-VARS 2 1
Y1 parametric function \Y1t\ Y\1\\t\ Y1T 2nd Y-VARS 2 2
X2 parametric function \X2t\ X\2\\t\ X2T 2nd Y-VARS 2 3
Y2 parametric function \Y2t\ Y\2\\t\ Y2T 2nd Y-VARS 2 4
X3 parametric function \X3t\ X\3\\t\ X3T 2nd Y-VARS 2 5
Y3 parametric function \Y3t\ Y\3\\t\ Y3T 2nd Y-VARS 2 6
X4 parametric function \X4t\ X\4\\t\ X4T 2nd Y-VARS 2 7
Y4 parametric function \Y4t\ Y\4\\t\ Y4T 2nd Y-VARS 2 8
X5 parametric function \X5t\ X\5\\t\ X5T 2nd Y-VARS 2 9
Y5 parametric function \Y5t\ Y\5\\t\ Y5T 2nd Y-VARS 2 0
X6 parametric function \X6t\ X\6\\t\ X6T 2nd Y-VARS 2 A
Y6 parametric function \Y6t\ Y\6\\t\ Y6T 2nd Y-VARS 2 B
Y1 function \Y1\ Y\1\ Y1 2nd Y-VARS 1 1
Y2 function \Y2\ Y\2\ Y2 2nd Y-VARS 1 2
Y3 function \Y3\ Y\3\ Y3 2nd Y-VARS 1 3
Y4 function \Y4\ Y\4\ Y4 2nd Y-VARS 1 4
Y5 function \Y5\ Y\5\ Y5 2nd Y-VARS 1 5
Y6 function \Y6\ Y\6\ Y6 2nd Y-VARS 1 6
Y7 function \Y7\ Y\7\ Y7 2nd Y-VARS 1 7
Y8 function \Y8\ Y\8\ Y8 2nd Y-VARS 1 8
Y9 function \Y9\ Y\9\ Y9 2nd Y-VARS 1 9
Y0 function \Y0\ Y\0\ Y0 2nd Y-VARS 1 0
r1 function \r1\ r\1\ r1 2nd Y-VARS 3 1
r2 function \r2\ r\2\ r2 2nd Y-VARS 3 2
r3 function \r3\ r\3\ r3 2nd Y-VARS 3 3
r4 function \r4\ r\4\ r4 2nd Y-VARS 3 4
r5 function \r5\ r\5\ r5 2nd Y-VARS 3 5
r6 function \r6\ r\6\ r6 2nd Y-VARS 3 6
L1 list variable \L1\ L\1\ L1 2nd L1
L2 list variable \L2\ L\2\ L2 2nd L2
L3 list variable \L3\ L\3\ L3 2nd L3
L4 list variable \L4\ L\4\ L4 2nd L4
L5 list variable \L5\ L\5\ L5 2nd L5
L6 list variable \L6\ L\6\ L6 2nd L6
x1 statistical summary point \x1\ x\1\ x1 VARS 5 1
y1 statistical summary point \y1\ y\1\ y1 VARS 5 2
x2 statistical summary point \x2\ x\2\ x2 VARS 5 3
y2 statistical summary point \y2\ y\2\ y2 VARS 5 4
x3 statistical summary point \x3\ x\3\ x3 VARS 5 5
y3 statistical summary point \y3\ y\3\ y3 VARS 5 6
first quartile variable \Q1\ Q\1\ Q1 VARS 5 1
third quartile variable \Q3\ Q\3\ Q3 VARS 5 3
theta \@\ \theta\ Θ ALPHA Θ
box mark \box icon\ \box\ 2ND PLOT 1
cross mark \crs icon\ \cross\ 2ND PLOT 2
dot mark \dot icon\ \dot\ 2ND PLOT 3
rectangular to polar return theta \R>P@\ R\>\P\theta\ R 2nd ANGLE 6
rectangular to polar return R \R>Pr\ R\>\Pr RPr 2nd ANGLE 5
polar to rectangular return x \P>Rx\ P\>\Rx RPx 2nd ANGLE 7
polar to rectangular return y \P>Ry\ P\>\Ry RPy 2nd ANGLE 8
continue program line \#\