A Key To the Common Trees of Camp Conestoga

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The purpose of this key is to help you, the Scout, to identify the common trees of Conestoga and the surrounding area without the aid of someone who is proficient in the field of plant identification. This key may be used to help when trying to advance to First Class or when working on one of the merit badges requiring identification of trees.

It is hard to define the difference between a tree and a shrub. In this booklet a tree will be defined as "a woody plant that attains a height of at least ten feet, with a single trunk unbranched for several feet or more above ground, and with a distinct crown." 1 The problem with any identification of trees or shrubs is that a certain species may be shrubby here but in another area it may reach tree height.

To "key out" a tree:
Pick the hyper link that best describes the tree you are trying to identify. Continue picking the best description until you come to the best description which has a name after it. This name should be the name of the tree wich you are trying to "key out."

Note: This key was developed for use at Camp Conestoga and the surrounding state park area (Laural Hill State Park -- Somerset, Pennsylvania). If used in your home area it may not give you the correct results.


This key was developed by "bt" in June 1982. It was put into HTML format by Stephen Ostermiller in July 1997. Copies of the entire guide in zip format that may be taken to camp on a laptop are available to those who write.