Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Leaves are opposite simple.

twig, fruit, and leafThe red maple grows well on a wide range of soil types. It is fast growing and grows to a to 70 feet tall.

The leaves are arranged opposite on the twigs. The are broadly ovate with 3 shallow short-pointed lobes turning red, orange, and yellow in the autumn. The lobes sinuses are sharp, with toothed margins.

leavesThe fruit is a v-shaped samara (winged seed). The twigs are shiny red with numerous small lenticels.


  • Three (sometimes five) main lobes
  • Leaf margins are slightly serrated
  • Notches between lobes are shallow
  • Palmately veined
  • Base of lobes are pointed
  • Fall colors range from gold to deep purple and scarlet

leaf next to rulerBranching: opposite


  • Twigs and buds are reddish in color.
  • Younger trees are smooth and light gray.
  • Older trees have long, narrow, scaly plates with shallow fissures.
Height: medium sized tree 50 to 70 ft.

Trunk Diameter: 12 to 24 in.

Longevity: maturity reached at 70 to 80 yrs. (may attain an age of 150 yrs.)

red leaf Tolerance: intermediate

Range: eastern U.S.

Fun Facts:

  • Wood sometimes used for furniture.
  • Named for the bright red flowers that appear in the spring.


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