Sassafras albidum

leaves, twig, and fruit Leaves:

  • Margins are smooth
  • Three patterns:
    1. Three "fingers"
    2. A "thumb and mitten" outline
    3. Smooth, egg-shaped
    Usually all are present on same tree
  • Turn reddish-orange in the fall
bark, twig, and fruitBranching: alternate

Bark: mature tree reddish-brown and furrowed; when scratched, smells like root beer

Height: 10 to 50 ft.

Trunk Diameter: 2 to 12 in.

Longevity: 30 to 40 yrs.

Tolerance: intolerant

Range: eastern U.S.

leavesFun Facts:

  • Tea may be made from boiling pieces of the outer bark from the roots.
  • Sassafras oil is used in some soaps.
  • Twigs browsed by rabbits and deer.
  • Fruit eaten by songbirds, bobwhite, wild turkey, and bear.
  • Wood was once used for barrels, buckets, posts, small boats, dugout canoes, and fuel.
  • Spread from the roots.


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