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currency exchange rate conversion calculator Coinmill Currency Conversion - Convert between currencies using up to date exchange rates.
SavvyRoo SavvyRoo - Online brainstorming.
Doozoon Doozoon - Get organized with an online todo list.
scientific calculator Scientific Calculator - perform calculations in your web browser.
It's Just Not Too Long ijn.tl - URL shortener: It's just not too long
triangle calculator Triangle Calculator - calculate the angles or sides of any triangle.
Contact Form Contact Form - Web form that can be placed on a site to send email while hiding addresses from spammers.
Tic-Tac-Toe Tic-Tac-Toe - Play the classic X and O strategy game against your computer or a friend.

Also: Tic-Tac-Toe strategy guide.

TI-82 Graphing Calculator TI Calculator Programs - A collection of programs for the TI-82 and TI-83 graphics calculators.
Sudoku QQWing Sudoku - Play Sudoku; generate and solve puzzles.

Cup of Java Java Utilities - libraries for common programming tasks such as CSV files and Base64 encoding.
RSS Reader RSS Reader - A web based RSS reader written in Perl.
Random Password Creator Random Password Creator - A website that shows you secure random passwords.
Mp3Tagger Mp3Tagger - A utility to sort, organize, and neaten artists names, lyrics, titles, and other information that is stored in an MP3 file.
Gears JavaScript - A collection of JavaScript calculators and converters, games, and utilities.
Reel to Reel ShoutGrab - Software to save Internet radio to your computer as an MP3.
Ladder Ladder - A classic Donkey Kong style platform arcade game. Despite having ASCII character graphics, it can provide weeks of entertainment.
Syntax Highlighting Syntax Highlighting - Add color to a programmer's text editor or to convert Java, C/C++, HTML, or other source files into colored HTML.
Tree Guide Tree Guide - Tree identification key for Boy Scout Camp Conestoga in Somerset, PA.
TulipChain Tulip Chain - A browser and link checker for the open directory project.
Templates Better Templates for Everyone - A template language and template engine implemented in Java that can generate static content or dynamically compile pages with Java Servlets.
Attesoro Attesoro - Translation editor for Java programs.
Bookmarklets Bookmarklets - Software for controlling your web browser including cache, cookies, forms, and passwords.
FLL Score Calculators - Calculators for scoring First Lego League matches.