Random Password Generator

Generate random passwords of arbitrary length and arbitrary alphabet.

A cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator is used to generate the passwords. Limitations an passwords such as the length, required characters, or amount of repetition may be used.


// Get an eight character password
// made up of the letters A, B, and C.
    new RandPass(new char[]{'A','B','C'}).getPass(8)

Java Applet

You may run this program as an applet in your web browser.

Command Line Application

To run the program use the following command line:

java -classpath utils.jar com.Ostermiller.util.RandPass
RandPass [-anFLrlRv]
Generate secure random passwords.
  --help               Print this help message.
  --version            Print out the version number.
  --about              Print out license and contact info.
  -a --alphabet chars  String of characters to use in password.
  -n --number num      Number of passwords to generate.
  -F --first chars     Characters that may be used for first character.
  -L --last chars      Characters that may be used for last character.
  -l --length num      Password length.
  -r --reps num        Maximum chars that may be repeated.
  -R --require chars   Require a character from given alphabet be present.
  -v --verify class    Java subclass of PasswordVerifier to use.