Converts tabs to spaces or spaces to tabs at the beginning of each line of files.


  • Detects binary files and does not modify those files unless forced.
  • Can guess the tab spacing in a file and convert from the guess.

To run the program use the following command line:

java -classpath utils.jar com.Ostermiller.util.Tabs <file>
Tabs [-wgtsfVvqQ] <files>
Adjusts the tabs and spaces at the beginning of each line in files.
  If no files are specified standard input and output will be used.
  --help              Print this help message.
  --version           Print out the version number.
  --about             Print out license and contact info.
  -w --width <num>    Tab width (in spaces) of the input.
  -g --guess          Guess the tab width of the input file. (default)
  -t --tabs           Use tabs in the output.
  -s --spaces <num>   Use this many spaces (not tabs) in the output. (default=4)
  -f --force          Always modify un-formatted files, even binary files.
  --noforce           Don't modify binary files.  (default)
  -V --reallyverbose  Print a message for each file.
  -v --verbose        Print a message for each file modified.
  -q --quiet          Print error messages. (default)
  -Q --reallyquiet    Print nothing.


Included languages:

  • English

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