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Uses of CmdLnOption in com.Ostermiller.util

Methods in com.Ostermiller.util that return CmdLnOption
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addLongName(String name)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addLongNames(Collection<String> longNames)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addLongNames(String[] longNames)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addShortName(Character name)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addShortNames(char[] shortNames)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addShortNames(Character[] shortNames)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.addShortNames(Collection<Character> shortNames)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnArgumentException.getOption()
          Get the option that caused this exception
 CmdLnOption CmdLnResult.getOption()
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setArgumentBounds(int minArguments, int maxArguments)
          Sets the bounds for command line arguments.
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setDescription(String description)
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setListener(CmdLnListener callback)
          Set the call back object
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setNoArguments()
          Sets the argument bounds to require no arguments (zero arguments minimum, zero arguments maximum).
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setOptionalArgument()
          Sets the argument bounds for a single optional argument (zero arguments minimum, one argument maximum).
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setRequiredArgument()
          Sets the argument bounds for a single required argument (one argument minimum, one argument maximum).
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setUnlimitedArguments()
          Sets the argument bounds for unlimited (but optional) arguments (zero arguments minimum, Integer.MAX_VALUE arguments maximum).
 CmdLnOption CmdLnOption.setUserObject(Object userObject)
          An object that may be set by the user.

Methods in com.Ostermiller.util with parameters of type CmdLnOption
 CmdLn CmdLn.addOption(CmdLnOption option)
          Add option.
 CmdLn CmdLn.addOptions(CmdLnOption[] options)
          Add options.
 CmdLnResult CmdLn.getResult(CmdLnOption option)
          Get the last result associated with the option.
 List<CmdLnResult> CmdLn.getResults(CmdLnOption option)
          Get all the results associated with the given argument in the order in which they appear in the command line.
 int CmdLn.occurrences(CmdLnOption option)
          The number of times the specified option is present in the command line.
 boolean CmdLn.present(CmdLnOption option)
          Whether or not the specified option is present in the command line.

Method parameters in com.Ostermiller.util with type arguments of type CmdLnOption
 CmdLn CmdLn.addOptions(Collection<CmdLnOption> options)
          Add options.

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