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Version History

  • Version 1.06.01 - CSV changeQuote doesn't check if same character is used again; String Helper padding methods could be more efficient; CSV line ending character(s) should be settable, not unix \n by default
  • Version 1.06.00 - ArrayHelper; ExecHelper; CircularBuffers no longer eat space when skip() is called.
  • Version 1.05.00 - New Parallelizer thread utility; Added "mark of the web" to html files produced by the Browser opener to work better with Internet Explorer Windows XP service pack 2; Added splitIncludeDelimiters and join methods to StringHelper.
  • Version 1.04.03 - Generics support for CircularObjectBuffer, ArrayIterator, ArrayEnumeration, IteratorEnumeration, and EnumerationIterator.
  • Version 1.04.02 - LabeledCSVParser does not parse labels until they are needed rather than in the constructor.
  • Version 1.04.02 - Enumerations and Iterators have better support for generics.
  • Version 1.04.01 - ConcatStreams can dynamically accept more input sources, ExcelCSVParser saves input streams so it can later close them.
  • Version 1.04.00 - SizeLimitInputStream class; Concatenation Streams classes; Updated all scanner definitions to work with JFlex 1.4; CGIParser catches IllegalArgementException thrown by URLDecoder; New unit tests for several classes; Unit tests standalone programs with no output on success.
  • Version 1.03.00 - Labeled CSV class; new Iterator and Enumeration classes; NameValuePair class for CGI; CGI parameter order preserved; CGI character set bug fixed.
  • Version 1.02.27 - Fixed a possible ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the MD5 libraries.
  • Version 1.02.26 - CSVPrint updated with new methods for proper stream handling: flush, close, write methods that throw exceptions, auto flush control, and quoting behavior control.. CSVParse updated with a close method.
  • Version 1.02.25 - Additional StringHelper methods for escaping regular expressions and comparing a string to multiple others.
  • Version 1.02.24 - MD5 sums were not correctly computed for certain odd byte lengths. Convenience methods/constructors to CSV to change delimiters.
  • Version 1.02.23 - Fixed numerous inconsistencies between UberProperties and java.util.Properties, added unit test.
  • Version 1.02.22 - Fixed //" bug in CSVParser, configuration panel added to Browser.
  • Version 1.02.21 - BadDelimiterException neglected for use in one place.
  • Version 1.02.20 - Fixed crash when loading some properties files with the UberProperties class, BadDelimiterException class created to fix spelling error.
  • Version 1.02.19 - CSV Printers no longer throw an exception when changing delimiters to the current delimiter.
  • Version 1.02.18 - Ability to change quotes and delimiters on all CSVPrinters; @since tags on all javadoc.
  • Version 1.02.17 - UberProperties ignore blank lines when reading, can save empty name value pairs.
  • Version 1.02.16 - Browser opens better on OS X, more options for unix; More Base64 encoding options; Ability to change quotes on CSVParsers.
  • Version 1.02.15 - Set methods for CGI params in CGIParser, Better command line options for Base64.
  • Version 1.02.14 - Documented lexer skeleton files for build, corrected another change delimiter bug.
  • Version 1.02.13 - Convenience returns for significant figure methods, include skeleton file in distribution, new download page on website.
  • Version 1.02.12 - CSV bug fixed: delim change not possible for second instance.
  • Version 1.02.11 - More examples, fixed CLASSPATH compile problem for JDK 1.4.
  • Version 1.02.10 - Properties no longer lost at UberProperties EOF, examples for CSV, Circular Buffers.
  • Version 1.02.08 - Ability to change delimiters in CSV parsers.
  • Version 1.02.07 - Added convenience methods to sigfigs, browser doesn't escape forward slash.
  • Version 1.02.06 - Updated French translations.
  • Version 1.02.05 - Two Polish translations.
  • Version 1.02.04 - Created build file for Ant.
  • Version 1.02.03 - Convenience methods in CSV parsers.
  • Version 1.02.02 - Unclosed quoted value in CSV bug.
  • Version 1.02.01 - Documentation improvement.
  • Version 1.02.00 - Applet added for Random Passwords.
  • Version 1.01.00 - NoClose Streams
  • Version 1.00.00 - First versioned release.

No version number was available before January 2003, old versions are not available for download. CVS from gjt.org can be used to answer specific questions about revisions to a particular file.


OstermillerUtil Java Utilities Copyright (c) 2001-2020 by Stephen Ostermiller and other contributors

The OstermillerUtils library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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